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Habesha Tenders provides a national coverage of all tenders published by the local, provincial and national government, and private sector companies. The sources used to acquire research tenders include: local and national newspapers, government, public and private websites, and direct contact with local and national government bodies and private businesses.

Subscription is easier than you think. Click on “subscribe” menu located at the top of the screen and subscription option will appear. Select the subscription type you intend to subscribe for and then click on the “Subscribe Now” link on the subscription type. A form will appear on which you have to fill out your personal and contact information. Click on “submit”. Then you can pay through bank transfer or direct office payment or other options that you will show on the successfull subscription page you are viewing after you are subscribe or you call to us for other options for the settlement of your subscription fee. After that your account will be activated and you will enjoy the benefit of Habesha Tender.

If you are a new subscriber you will need to settle your payment for your account to be activated. Once you have settled your payment your account will be active and you will be able to login without any problem. If you have already been using your account you might have forgotten your username and/or password. In that case click on “forgot password” and then your login information will be sent to your e-mail account. If the above are not the case then your account might have expired and you will need to renew your subscription. For other cases than mentioned, please contact the Habesha Tender Team at our address listed on the “Contact Us” page.

After submitting your subscription request, our Habesha Tender team will contact you and discuss the mode of payment with you. Once you settle your subscription fee your account will be activated immediately.

Drop by Neview office located at Aberus Complex 4th floor, office No 405, Bole Road infront of Dembel City Center. Or according to the arrangement you make with our Habesha Tender team, they will come and collect the fee (for the moment it is applicable only for Addis Ababa subscribers). Or else, you can send the money by bank transfer, or any other way. Please, discuss this with the Habesha Tender team.

Don’t panic if you forget your username and/or password. Just click on “forgot my password” located near the login box. By clicking on “forgot my password” you will get a dialogue box that will prompt you enter your e-mail address (the e-mail address should be the address you registered with Habesha Tender), then click on “Submit”. You will have your user account details (username and password) sent to your e-mail. Note: if the e-mail you enter on the “Forgot Password” doesn’t match with the e-mail in your Habesha Tender account you will not be able to get the login information.

As a subscriber of Habesha Tender you are able to check any and all tender posted online. To check for details of tender use your username and password to log in to your personal account. You will then be able to check the details of any and all tenders. If you don’t have user account please subscribe now.

“Basic” subscription will let you browse through the site, check tenders according to categories, see details of each and every tender you want.

“Premium” type will allow you do all that, but “Premium” type has more features like e-mail alert and tender detail by email. When are too busy to browse, don’t have much time to check everyday, or you want to get alerts of notification for the tenders you only want, or for any other reason you fail to check on Habesha Tender, you will get e-mail alert with detail tender information when any new tenders of the categories you select during subscription are posted.

"Advanced" type will allow you do all that “Basic” and “Premium” type have. and more additional features like SMS alert, e-mail alert and tender detail by email. the e-mail alert is like "premium" subscription type and the SMS alert is when a new tender is posted with the selected category you want SMS alert is sent to your mobile phone, if you are any where in the world the SMS alert is delivered.

For a registered subscriber you will enjoy the convenience of Habesha Tender one stop tender notification service where you can get all the latest tenders delivered daily to your hand (mobile phone by SMS). If you are busy, you don't have to search the website; you will receive tenders relevant to your business via email, or if you don't have to see your email, you will receive tenders relevant to your business via SMS. It will save you time, money, and resources. Habesha Tender provide you with the confidence that no contract opportunities are missed. You are able to target the most promising leads and will receive a steady stream of sale opportunities leading directly to increased business, revenue and profits.

Easy! Once you login using your user account you can edit those categories of selection by checking or un-checking the e-mail alert categories displayed on the right hand side of the screen (Please, note that this will only be applicable for “Premium” and “Advanced” type subscribers). if you want to change the SMS alert category you can change on your account detail after you login, select other category from the drop down list (Please, note that this will only be applicable for “Advanced” type subscribers), in here it may let you pay the difference on other SMS alert category, if the price for the changed category is not the same.

You sure can. Contact the Habesha Tender Team, settle the payment (difference) and then your account will be upgraded to “Premium or Advanced” type. As simple as that.

The duration of the subscription is depending on your subscription period you choose starting from the day of your subscription approval and unless you renew it the account will automatically expire. You will be notified when your subscription period near to expiry date through email and/or SMS.

We do not sell or give away your private information.
We keep all information on a highly secure server that is protected by the best security software available.
Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


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